Our Product


Fully Prepared

Our #1 goal is that you are 100% prepared to enter your first season as a US university student-athlete in every aspect of the environment. Most importantly, we schedule our Lineup Lab experiences to take place at the most optimal time - just days before your placement tests or preseason camp -  in order for you to get the best results from our Lab!

Physically Fit

We not only want to be a 'training camp' in preparing you for your upcoming collegiate season, but we also want to train you specifically for the 'style' and 'physicality' of the US game. It will be an intense. Be prepared.

English Language Immersion

We will require English to be spoken at all times. This is the #1 way to increase your knowledge of the language as well as get you out of your 'comfort zone' as you make the transition to the United States. Furthermore, we will focus on preparing you to take the TOEFL exam and will teach you ideas/notes on what to expect on your testing date. The higher your TOEFL score - the more options of universities will open up to you according to their qualifications for acceptance. For some of you - it may be an intense course; for others - it may just be a "tune-up".

Academic Focused

We understand that your academic knowledge base has been one you have been learning throughout your life, but our goal, alongside SAT/ACT licensed tutors, is to properly prepare you for what you will expect on those exams. We will perform 'practice' exams similar to the real exam, as well as freshen you up for the lead-up to your actual exam date back in your own country. Remember: The HIGHER the SAT/ACT score - typically - the more $$$ you can receive for scholarship or discount on your attendance/acceptance to most university to play soccer.


Alongside of your placement agency in your home country, we also have an extremely large network of contacts in the USA university/college soccer system with coaching staffs, programs and more. Moreover, we also have connections at the professional and development club level (during the summers) and after you graduate from university to continue your playing career. Our goal is help promote YOU along your journey. 

Having Fun

When you enter the Lab, a lot of it is very intense. We want to get the most out of you within your 2 weeks in California. Your time will never be wasted. Expect to be pushed, challenged and encourage - both on the pitch and in the learning center. BUT..... we also want this to be a time for you to ENJOY your time in the greatest place on earth - Sunny Southern California. We will be planning multiple trips each week to experience life in California - social, cultural, physical and educational trips are in store!